Current Cast
updated 4/22/08
AZ (Screen Name: azrael07)
        A Bear-Fighting Savant, Az is obsessed with hunting down and wrestling any bears he comes across. Sadly he has never seen a bear in his life and therefore assumes anything that looks remotely not like himself is a possible bear. Anyone who dismisses his bear-fighting quest is put on his secret Bear-Sympathizer list. His Bear-Fighting spirit is trapped inside the confines of a Mattel DC Superheroes Azrael figure.
BURNIE (Screen Name: BurntOffering89)
        A man of few words, Burnie is one half the tag team that is Burnie and Shiny. Quiet and to the point, Burnie is prone to fits of rage over the questioning of his manhood. His artful mind is displayed across the canvas that is a DC Universe Classics Red Tornado.
DEATH (Screen Name: n/a)
        Mistress Death is a known associate of Kupocat, and it is rumored had many a fiery slumber party during boarding school. And yes, they experimented in college. Creepy.
DOC NIGHTMARE (Screen Name: Dr. Nightmare)
        Dentist, Mad Man, Customizer, Doc is good with his hands. The creator of 'Project Angus', Doc is the resident go-to guy for anything from body modifications to tooth extractions to cybernetic abominations. Renowned for lying at every chance he gets, Nightmare is trusted by no one but Esbat... which often leads to Esbat going off on random quests for fame, fortune, and furry-sex pots. Doc Nightmare's dark, soulish energy resides in a Marvel Toys Legendary Comic Book Heroes The Darkness action figure.
DRAMA CLUB, THE (Screen Name: n/a)
        Two highly volatile characters who, for some inexplicable reason, insist every other person they run into is out to upset them. Confusing their own personal fantasy world, shared between them ala Forrest and Bubba or Calvin and Hobbes or whatever fictional pairing you so desire, with actual reality makes them prime candidates for the term "Fugitives From Reality". Each of The Drama Club's members shift from the form of a Toybiz Marvel Legends Blackheart figure to a Marvel Toys Legendary Comicbook Heroes Darkling like Ranma and his cast mates but not from being doused with water by sensing the most minute amount of possibly perceptible disrepect. You have been warned.
ESBAT (Screen Name: Esbat)
        Bound in plastic flesh, and painted in acrylics, Esbat is the penultimate person you'd want to have your back. Embodied by a Hasbro Spider-man Origins Spider-Man 2099, Esbat has only two real goals in his life: fame (or infamy) via any means necessary and to find a woman willing to wear Cat Ears to fulfill his lascivious catgirl fetish. With little shame, and a penchant for making innuendo to any and every person he comes across, Es (or Batty) can often be found scouring the internet for cheap sources of nude catgirl art specifically hentai mangas.
FATHER (Screen Name: Father)
        This fuzzy, blue acrobatic imp is Father. A sage-like entity, born during a time of free love and the first Super Bowl, Father dispenses a plethora of yoda-like, anti-parental advice from topics such as Fork-in-Socket Etiquette and the 10 Second Rule. Father likes to creepily stroke the tail of his Marvel Legends Nightcrawler body as he recounts the halcyon hair band days of his youth.
KUPOCAT (Screen Name: Kupocat)
        Rumored to be the one whom bestowed fire to humanity and pinned it on Prometheus, Kupo is the best she is at what she does and that is setting things on fire while wearing goggles. Legend has it that she was born the day Webster's added the word Inflammable to the dictionary. Her personality was grafted to a Mattel DC Superheroes Catwoman figure while forcing her husband to wait his turn for the PC.
LOU (Screen Name: n/a)
        This jade giantess is Lou, Esbat's fun lovin', professional student, perky friend. Renown for an infectious laugh and a penchant for shoe shopping, Lou finds herself hunkered inside a Hasbro Marvel Legends She-Hulk.
M (Screen Name: Mnenosis)
        This single letter designated skull-faced, flamer is called M because he's "M-mm M-mm, good". Or at least thats what it says on the back of his jeans when he goes clubbing. Anywho, M is a level headed kinda guy who likes to point out the obvious and pretends he's not religious but every so often we find him holding the name of His Noodly Appendage in vain. M is kibbutzing about in a Hasbro Ghost Rider Movie figure.
MIKEY (Screen Name: Mikey)
        Mikey, the Tripper hungry, music fiend from up north is friend to Esbat and enemy to Doc Nightmare, thus forming the last part of an unholy triumverate of plasticy goodness. Mikey spends his emo-y days in a Toybiz Marvel Legends Beta-Ray Bill, thus allowing him to be able to admit he is indeed hung like a horse.
OVERLORD (Screen Name: Overlord Zargax)
        Overlord, an intergalactic tyrant from regions unknown, dead set on ruling the plebian fugitives of Esbat's figure collection Overlord begins his undermining by "teaming up" to face off against his first real threat of Kupocat! In a purely supervisory role, of course. Overlord assumes control of a Hasbro Fantastic Four Marvel Legends Dr. Doom.
PAUL (Screen Name: Paul)
        Paul is a stalwart soldier in the war against the mole people. Refusing to leave his perch on the highest postion in the realm, a wall shelf. Unwilling to leave said shelf for longer than a few moments at a time, Paul finds himself unable to get approrpiate amounts of food, water, or sex. Even 45 seconds for some lovin' is much too long for our Joyride Studios Halo 2 Red Spartan encased sniper.
PROJECT ANGUS (Screen Name: n/a)
        Created by Doc Nightmare in a bid to seemingly save Esbat from the burning desires of Kupocat, Angus proved to be a rather ineffective threat to the feline firebug. Immediately assumed to be the arsonist behind Venomjr's fiery victimization, Az attempted to engage Angus in combat. In spite of the fact being equipped with hi-tech weaponry, a detachable head, and rocket boosters for legs, the rather ugly cybernetic organism is more an engine of sarcasm that war. Angus is composed of a McFarlane Cyber Units figure.
ROB (Screen Name: rwe1138)
        Just like Ice-T in the Elvis-homage-bank-hesit-shoot-'em-up flick "3000 Miles To Graceland", when you need a couple of guys to have your back in a situation you call Rob. He recently put out a late night infomercial regarding the various services he provides via his company ROBCO. Rob is leasing space in a Toybiz Marvel Legends Deadpool figure.
Shiny (Screen Name: shining knight)
        A half-crazed euro with loose morals who finds himself inexorably tied to Burnie, who together try to discover all new ways to come up with Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money! Burnie's questionable ethical self lies within a Hasbro Fantastic Four Marvel Legends The Thing.
        A street-wise mechanical unicorn of unknown origin.
TRIPPER (Screen Name: Tripper McGee)
        The object of desire for Mikey. His motto when it comes to Tripper: Ride a horse, Save a cowboy. Tripper, a writer by trade, is a strong, intellectual woman trapped inside the plastic form of a DC Superheroes Supergirl.
VENOMJR (Screen Name: venomjr)
        One of Kupocat's first victims, Venomjr shares the same weakness as the character who's figure he inhabits, which is fire. Thought to be dead, Venomjr, much like the phoenix, will rise from the ashes for his vengeance. He currently inhabits a heavily singed Spider-Man Classics Venom.