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FFR 2.0 Episode 2 "Deliver-Antsy"
FFR 2.0 Episode 2 "Deliver-Antsy"

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Fugitives From Reality

Fugitives From Reality is an action figure photocomic featuring one man-child's toy collection seemingly possessed by various online personalities. Lecherous Lotharios, leather-clad pyros, intergalactic tyrants, and a gaggle of goofs and ne'erdowells interact for your viewing pleasure, with regular updates done twice a week!


I'm back?!?!

Yeah so its been like half a year since I've posted anything new in the comics section. Added the third part of this Deadpool comic to make things up. Anywho, looks like more comics are coming.

posted by Esbat @ 13 Jan 2010 01:46 am  -  0 comments

Secret Crisis Trailer!

Now on youtube! Check it out!

posted by Esbat @ 12 Feb 2009 06:01 am  -  0 comments


Sorry for the delays in the storyline, its my final semester in which I am having finals at the moment and also I'm finally graduating, thus the grand finale to my college epic journey. *single tear... OF FRICKEN JOY*

I promise to wrap up Smackdown to Secret Crisis by New Years Eve!

posted by Esbat @ 11 Dec 2008 02:48 am  -  0 comments

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